Welcome to the Loveland Bulldog's website. I'm a hobby Breeder of French
Shih Tzu. I'm dedicated to producing healthy happy puppies. My
family includes myself, my husband, our five children, and our
Bulldogs. We have owned and bred Bulldogs for many years.
We have
recently added three Shih Tzu to our family.
Our babies are not just
breeding dogs, they are also part of our family.
Loveland Bulldog's strives to produce quality family pets and
French Bulldogs are some of the most difficult dogs to breed.
Due to their inability to breed or whelp naturally.
Because of these
reproductive challenges, we must step in and assist with the breeding and
whelping process. In short, we must have the female's blood drawn several
times to pinpoint ovulation. Once we know when she is ready to breed, we
have to artificially inseminate her. Puppies are then delivered by c-section.
Once puppies are born, We have to assist moms with nursing and caring
for her babies. This is a 24 hour job for the first week or two. It is a lot of
work raising these babies and I give 100% to all of my puppies and dogs. I
also mentor several new breeders in this journey. Please feel free to look
around, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call.
Phone calls are the best way to reach me as my time to return emails is
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