Please read this before you come to visit us.
We are not a large Kennel facility. Our dogs
and puppies live with us at our home. We need
to consider the health and safety of our children
and puppies. We will no longer be letting
people come over to visit the dogs just to see
what a bulldog is like. We will meet at a park or
other local area if you would like to. We do
allow visits with the puppies from people who
have placed deposits when the puppies are 6
weeks of age. For those of you that are
seriously interested in purchasing one of our
puppies and would like to visit them, we require
a copy of a valid drivers license to be emailed
to us prior to the visit. We also ask that before
coming to visit that you DO NOT visit with
other puppies! We know you will understand
that we only have the best interest for our family
and puppies.
French and Enlish Bulldogs are loving loyal companion dogs. They
love to be a part of the family, and don't like to be alone for long
periods of time. They don't require a lot of grooming. A bath when
dirty, and regular nail trims and ear cleaning. However, they do need
to have the ropes and wrinkles wiped often. They do not tolerate heat,
so please make sure to keep your baby at a nice comfortable
temperature. The two breeds have many similarities, but also have
some differences. Please take some time and research the type of
bulldog you want, and see if that dog will fit into your family and
lifestyle. To make things a little easier, I have provided some resource
links on the upper right hand side of Loveland Bulldog's first page
and through out the site. We hope you find them helpful.
If you purchase one of my puppies you will receive a puppy pack that
will include a vaccinations/medical treatment record. You will get a
puppy exam report from my Veterinarian. An AKC registration
application will only be provided for puppies that are sold with full
registration. Puppies sold as pet puppies only, will not receive AKC
paperwork. We will also send home a small bag of food, toys, and
other goodies. In addition, your puppy will come with tons of
socialization! My puppies have their own puppy room in our home, our
children love helping with socializing and caring for them.
Anyone purchasing a puppy from Loveland Bulldogs must sign and
agree to all terms and conditions in our puppy contract! We want all
our puppies to go to only the best homes. We do take deposits to hold
puppies. Picks come in the order of when we receive deposit/payment.
Deposits must be received with in 3 days of a verbal agreement that
you wish to place a hold on a puppy. If we do not receive the deposit by
the 3rd day you will loose your pick and the puppy will be offered to
the next person on the waiting list.  
We are more than happy to hand deliver your puppy to you if you do
not live in Colorado. We are also willing to meet you at the Denver
airport if you choose to come to Colorado to pick up your puppy. Cost
of shipping is in addition to the price of the
puppy. We do not ship puppies out of the country unless the buyer is
willing to come and get their puppy themselves
Health Guarantee
We offer a one year health guarantee that is included in our puppy
contract. Our health guarantee covers life threatening genetic illness.
We do not cover common genetic issues that can be considered
normal in Bulldogs. Such as cherry eye, undescended testicles, loose
knees or hips, allergies, stenotic nares, elongated soft pallet,
umbillical hernia, dermatitis, demodetic mange, entropion, and
ectropion. We will not replace a puppy due to heat stroke or
abuse/neglect. You may view our contracts on the upper right hand
side of this page.
How To Pay For Your Puppy
We gladly accept personal checks or a direct bank deposit to hold
your pick puppy. The remaining balance is due in cash when you
pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age. Please notify me before you
make any deposit. We are selective about where our puppies are going
and will need to interview you prior to placing a deposit on a puppy.  
Health Guarantees and Contracts
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