This is a thank you, as well as an update about
O. Sophia, (Sophie), our English Bulldog
puppy we got from you, (“Loveland Bulldogs”),
on July 22, 2009.
As of today, August 3rd, Sophie is nine weeks
and five days old. She has been with us 12
days. When we brought her home July 22nd
she weighed 8.8 pounds. As of today August
3rd she weighs 11.5 pounds. We feed her ½
cup of Purina Healthy Puppy Formula three
times a day with a few treats during training
sessions. I want to give you a run down on
what Sophie has done, accomplished and
learned, (as well as us) during the last 12 days.
But first, I want to thank you for your
professionalism in assisting us with the
adoption of one of your English Bulldog pups.
Your concern she would go to a good home
impressed us more than I think you realize.
Always being available when we called,
responding to our e-mails promptly, your
contact before and after we brought. Sophie
home, were only a few of the reasons we
decided to deal with you in our quest for a
female English Bulldog puppy. For your
information we have been researching and
looking for a female English Bulldog over five
years, We have seen a lot of pups we liked but
were not comfortable with the breeders. Having
the sire, “Otis” and dam, “Sophie” available for
us to see was also a plus in our final decision.
Now about our Sophie. Her first night in her
new home, after going to bed, she needed to
go out three times, the second night two times
and the third night only once. After that she
has not had to go out until the next morning,
(no accidents). I had installed a dog door
through the wall near our back door and built a
small porch with low steps and ramp for her to
use. She was using her door in less than two
days. She is nearly 100% housetrained, only
two accidents in the last eight days. She sits
on command. When I bring her food dish to
her eating area she sits until I place her dish in
it’s holder. We are still working on down and
stay, but with the progress she has made to
date, I have on doubt she will have them
mastered soon. She is an extremely fast
learner. In two months when she is four months
old and has had all series of shots, she will be
attending “Puppy Training Class“, I know she
will be the class stand out.
If you are in the Colorado Springs area, please
come by to see Sophie, and us of course.
Sid , Elaine & Sophie
Thank You Letter