Loveland Bulldogs occasionally offers our breeding French and English bulldog
puppies at a reduced fee to select local families called Guardian homes. This
enables us to place our best puppies in loving forever homes, while continuing our
mission to produce healthy happy puppies for our breeding program

Being a guardian family is a great opportunity for local families, to own a
quality pick of the litter AKC Bulldog at a reduced price. (half the pet price) A
guardian family will be the dogs forever family. We will retain breeding rights
for a set amount of time. Once the guardian dog has completed his/her breeding
career the dog is spayed/neutered and ownership is transferred to the guardian
family. Guardian homes are meant to be permanent so the dog does not to go
through a re-homing.

What is the cost involved to be a Guardian Family?

We do charge a fee for our guardian puppies (much less than the puppy price.)
You will be responsible for the general veterinary care of the dog.  Such as heart
worm preventative, yearly vaccinations, and annual exams. Guardian Homes
receive the highest quality dogs and will compensated up to $500 per litter for
their participation in our guardian program. All breeding related costs will be
paid by Loveland Bulldogs.

What are the requirements to be a Guardian Family?

  • Guardian families must live within one hour from Loveland, Colorado
  • Own your own home, with proper fencing
  • Willing to provide transportation to Loveland Bulldogs for scheduled
    breedings, vet appointments, health testing, and photo shoots
  • Agree to keep the dog away from all intact dogs to prevent unwanted
  • Dog will live inside the home and be part of the family
  • Have a schedule that allows you to be with the puppy for the majority of the
  • Notify us immediately when the dog is in season
  • Communicate regularly with Loveland Bulldogs about the well-being and
    health of the dog
  • Provide the dog with regular exercise, socialization, training, and most
  • importantly your love and time
  • Willing to be in a partnership with Loveland Bulldogs throughout the dogs
    breeding career

How does it work?

We usually retain females, although occasionally we will have a male. We ask
during the first year that the guardian family provide us with photos and
updates. We also require occasional home visits in the guardian home. The
guardian home will be required to keep track of all heat cycles and notify us
immediately when she comes into season.
When the dog reaches breeding age, the guardian home will then be required to
notify us when the dog has come into her heat cycle so that she can be bred. A
female’s heat cycle usually lasts between 14-21 days. We will need to access her
during this time for breeding appointments. The average canine gestation period
is usually 63 days. The dog will need to come to us a week before her due date
and stay with us until her puppies are fully weaned. Usually about 4-5 weeks
later. We do not encourage our guardian families to visit mom or the puppies
during this time, as it can be confusing and distracting for her. Females will
have 3 to 4 litters depending on the health and wellbeing of the dog. Once the
dogs breeding career is completed, the dog will be spayed or neutered and will
remain with you for their lifetime.

Please give me a call for more information and a phone interview.
Guardian Program