photogenic breed. Bullies also have that
great look whether they are a puppy or adult,
section for delivery of the puppies and
artificial insemination to breed.

The cost for a English Bulldog can run
between 1800-3000 dollars. Litter size
average is 4 – 6   The Cost for a c-section,
usually about 800.00- 1500.00 assuming it is
during normal vet hours. After hours,
weekends and holidays will run extra. A cost
to breed the dog is usually around 500.00 for
the semen/stud service plus shipping if
applies. Additionally there is the Dam pre
breeding tests, exams, x-rays, and ultra

Then when a litter is born most of the time
they must be hand helped when fed. A
breeder will spend many hours with the litter
and mother during feeding 24 hours a day
for several days. Bulldogs don't make the
best mothers because they may lay on a
puppy on accident and not even realize it.   C-
sections for bulldogs are required most of the

They’re worth every penny and once you
have owned a bulldog you could never again
be without one. Most breeders sell quality pet
bulldogs for between $1800- $3000.00 but
can cost as much as $5,500 depending on
the bloodline.  The average price for an
English bulldog is $2750 across the country

Taken from The Bulldog Kennel Club.
Why Bulldogs Cost So Much?
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